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        I plant equipment for: gold, silver, copper, titanium, tungsten, iron, zinc, lead, tin, molybdenum, rhodium and other precious metals and non-metallic minerals, the following are some of our customers factory dressing case. I hope to give you more information and advice. Have any questions can email: oreshaker@hotmail.com (E-mail to Jar l Wen)
        Project  Case:
        ↑ The shaking table  dressing renderings.                                ↑ The spiral separators  dressing renderings.
          ↑ The large shaking tables concentrating project.
          ↑ The large spiral separators concentrating project.

         The project of Spiral separators and shaking tables are concentrating together.
          Gold placer complete set of equipment: drum screen>>> sawtooth jig>>> 6S shaking table.

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